Congratulations, If you've got this far you either had a lot of time to brute force that last trial or you solved it with your ability to think impartially. At this point, I'll go with the latter, and just accept that anyone smart enough to get this far is smart enough to see this.
Fun Fact: There are 4 acceptable solutions to this puzzle, we decided the 0 and 5, and the 8 and 1 were allowed to be swapped around.

HIDDEN POST #2 The Problems of the World
So, let's explore the problem. Our society is corrupted by Racism, Homophobia and Sexism. The street is filled with Hate groups who only want to get rid of a certain group. For simplicity, I'm going to just refer to any behaviour like this as "bullying" from now on (This includes Transphobia, Biphobia and any other actions against someone because of who they are).

The World is filled with people who for some reason think bullying is a normal behaviour. I've heard many excuses for this, such as:
1. The "bullying is a normal part of life, might as well just accept it" excuse
2. The "I've never experienced it, therefore it doesn't exist" excuse
3. The "This famous person says it's false, this represents the whole world" excuse
4. And the plain "You're wrong, even though I have no argument" excuse

So let's go through these. First, there are some people who seem to recognise there are problems, and just use excuse 1 as a way of not doing anything about it. What mainly annoys me is when people with enough intelligence to know otherwise are simply too lazy to make a difference, so instead pretend they don't know otherwise. Number 1 should never be an excuse, as it implies the problem is recognised, and the person is just too lazy to make a difference. At the very least, they should stop pretending that causing hate to others is "normal" and not encourage it.

Onto excuse 2. This, like the next two, seems to stem from ignorance. They believe that if there was a problem, they would have seen it by now. This is normally because they either live in an area where they are lucky enough to not have experienced it and believe this applies universally, or they simply don't realise their problems are not normal and make the first excuse upon being presented with them. In the first case, really they just need to be presented with sufficient evidence that yes, a problem does exist (Pretty sure this won't fix them, just make them revert to a different excuse). In the second case, they simply don't realise their problems could be fixed by changing society. In this case, I don't have a sure way to try convince someone otherwise except for actually doing it yourself and providing proof, but that isn't always easy.

Finally, for three and four, give up. If someone is really that closed-minded, they aren't going to amount to much and will likely never be a threat. Maybe you could show number 3 counter-famous people? but I think that's more likely to end in a stalemate rather than a win, and won't help you much.

Anyway, onto the final Trial from the TERMINAL, Over Here.