Hello and Welcome to the Network Trials.
Time to play a Game.

We are going to hide important posts behind a series of 3 puzzles.
If anyone wants to access the hidden posts, they can make an attempt to solve the puzzles.

It would probably be bad if the wrong people were to read these, but I have faith that the same wrong people will be far too ignorant to actually solve these, which should keep them safe enough. (They'll probably dismiss this entire page as a joke)

So, to begin the trials, let's do a simple entrance test. This should immediately cull the idiots without a brain cell between them.

On post 033, there's a hidden message. Find it's author and it'll give you the location of the first trial.

eg: John Doe would give trials.aaronsnetwork.com/johndoe

So, Let's see who's the first to solve the Network Trials.

Good Luck.
- Aaron and Jenny