Good work,  Entrance Trial Solved.
And yes, I'm aware the "author" isn't technically Sherlock Holmes. 
I just wanted people to think slightly outside of the box that if I didn't want the author of the book,
 I probably meant the character the quote came from. Anyway, now that the idiots are gone,
 lets begin the real trials:

The Trial of The Head
First, let's start with something most people should be able to solve, with a small amount of digging:

What is the link between Euan Morton and Jared Kleinman?
What is the link between Alice Brooking and Tony Benn?
Add the two answers together to get the next trial.
You should get a Adjective and a Noun.

Again, simply replace the old answer with your new answer, with no spaces, hyphens or Poop Emojis.